Spring Shape Up!

spring shape-up // five easy ways to get back in shape | the stripe
nike pullover // tank // leggings // sneakers

Ugh – Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner and I have to admit… I’m not in as good of shape as I’d like to be. I really got derailed with my workouts when I moved! Once I get home from Palm Springs I am recommitting myself to getting into my best possible shape. Its so frustrating. When I work out every day, I look better, I feel better, and I’m a lot less stressed out. So why do I have such a hard time making it a priority!? C’est la vie.

As I’ve said before I try not to beat myself up too much… if I feel really guilty, I’ll dread it even more, and that’s no good. The good thing is that there is an Equinox right around the corner from my apartment, so there is no excuse! I also love running on the Williamsburg Bridge (where we shot these photos!) The entire run is just 2.2 miles out and back but it’s hard…. and steep!

I’ve outlined a few things – small goals to help me get back on track, but in the meantime I stocked up on some cute new workout gear from Finish Line. Their new arrivals are so cute… I love all the blush tones! I know it’s silly but it’s true… cute workout gear makes all the difference when it comes to motivating! How adorable are these pink Adidas sneakers? I love them so much. I love this pair too but not for the gym. I’ve always been a Nike Free girl (classic black!) but it’s fun to mix things up and I think Adidas might actually fit my feet a little better. I love this gold pair of Nikes too though – they’re not too flashy but still fun.

Outfit Details: Nike Pullover // Tank // Similar Leggings // Adidas Sneakers (all c/o Finish Line)

spring shape-up // five easy ways to get back in shape | the stripe

Five Simple Wellness Goals for the month of June.

ONE //  Drink a big glass of lemon water, every morning! It’s amazing how much better I feel every day when I drink it. It’s so good for you and has wonderful detoxification benefits. Man Repeller had a great article about it – I completely agree with everything she said.

TWO // Stretch and foam roll every night before bed. My body can turn into a big knot if I’m not careful, which (besides being uncomfortable) can make it a lot easier to get injured. Foam rolling can also help you look thinner/less bulky… I want to start doing these moves from Goop!

THREE // Commit to doing something active every day. Even if it’s just a long walk or a quick run over the Williamsburg Bridge, it makes a huge difference. Something I always tell myself is that no matter what, I should always be able to find 30 minutes to exercise. It’s such a short amount of time…. there is literally always thirty minutes!

FOUR // Get eight hours of sleep, every night, no excuses!

FIVE // Have a big salad every day. I need to be better about eating my vegetables, and I love Sweetgreen and need to kick that habit but if I don’t have time to cook or am running around the city it’s delicious and so healthy. My go-to is Guacamole Greens… or I’ll make my own, loading up with as many veggies as possible and chicken. Ideally I’ll make this salad on my own but it’s nice to know there is somewhere delicious and healthy to go if I am running low on time!

spring shape-up // five easy ways to get back in shape | the stripe spring shape-up // five easy ways to get back in shape | the stripe spring shape-up // five easy ways to get back in shape | the stripe spring shape-up // five easy ways to get back in shape | the stripe spring shape-up // five easy ways to get back in shape | the stripe spring shape-up // five easy ways to get back in shape | the stripe

Sponsored by Finish Line and Shopstyle.

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Marta says 5.24.17

    For me, working out is such a chore. I love being active and I love how I feel afterwards but it’s been so hot lately around here that my motivation has dropped drastically… Anyway, I really like your sneakers, they’re so cute!

    • grace at the stripe says 5.24.17

      Haha I agree. Once I get into the swing of things I love it, but right now it feels like suucccccch a chore!!! xx

  2. Gina Notes says 5.24.17

    As a busy lady 30, min from home is all I have time for, but you would be so surprised at the results you can get with just 30 min per day!! I run accountability groups to keep people on track to reach their goals. Would be happy to chat if that sounds like something that would help you gain an extra boost of motivation!! love your wellness tips! hope to chat soon! Xo.

    • grace at the stripe says 5.24.17

      That is amazing! I love the idea of an accountability group to help you stay on track. XO

  3. Jess Zimlich says 5.24.17

    I’ve been trying hard to push past this plateau I’ve found myself on! For me, it’s less about working out (I’ve been doing really good about getting to my classes) and more about the fact that I’ve been eating and drinking alllll the things haha. Why must abs be made in the kitchen? I’d much rather workout extra and still eat what I want (I should have never stepped foot in Magnolia Bakery), but it seems as though my body has a different plan for me now that I’m almost 30! Can’t wait to add those foam rolling moves from Goop to my routine. You look great in this color! p/s I always love seeing your workouts on snap/insta 🙂

    • grace at the stripe says 5.24.17

      I completely agree… I think what you eat and drink makes the biggest difference. I find working out helps to keep me accountable (I worked out, so I don’t want to eff up the results) but for me it’s really the drinks and cheese plates… two of my biggest weaknesses!!! XO

  4. Emily says 5.24.17

    Love this! The blush colors are perfect and I am so on board with the hot lemon water. It really makes a difference. You’ve inspired me – I really want to start foam rolling as well.

  5. Kellie says 5.24.17

    If I could afford to eat Sweetgreen every day for lunch I would! It just does not taste the same when you try to make it a home, right?

    I’ve been so beyond lazy since having kid #2 & totally using it as an excuse. I’ve started to get up earlier to get a workout at home in, but even lately I’ve been slacking off on that. Like I’ll get up at 5am & then just dawdle until it’s time to get ready for work. Dumb!

    • grace at the stripe says 5.24.17

      Right? I would have it for lunch AND dinner!!!! Haha!
      I hear you, motivating is so hard and I don’t even have kids!!!! Little things here and there will add up and make a difference.

  6. Dana says 5.24.17

    I’m right there with ya, Grace. It’s SO hard to make fitness a priority to me – yet I’m always complaining about not looking or feeling the way I want. Equinox is LITERALLY across the street from my office, but it’s so hard for me to either get up early to go before work OR go after work. Definitely need to work on this as summer rolls around! PS: I love your tips in this post…especially the veggies and sleep tips!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    • grace at the stripe says 5.24.17

      It’s so hard and I am in the same boat – Equinox is right around the corner from me!!! So happy you like the tips. I think implementing these 5 things for a month will really help! xo

  7. Elizabeth says 5.24.17

    Love those sneaks! I think the biggest motivator for me is knowing how good I’ll feel after I’m done. Next to nothing beats that exhausted, sweaty feeling of knowing you put in WORK.

  8. K of TAF says 5.24.17

    Kudos to you for working. I too work out daily between 25 mins to an hour and actually am working towards a 1,000 days straight goal. I’m just over 800 days now. Still you can work out and not be as fit – it’s really the combo of food and fitness so liked your tips. I’ve also been working on drinking the lemon or lime water (32oz) daily… My skin definitely is starting to show the results – smoother and less lines – if that’s possible – OR perhaps I’m wishful thinking.
    Cute pink Adidas – think I’d love these more in suede – will need to look – thanks for the inspiration. Good luck with your work outs! K of The Appreciation Factor

    • grace at the stripe says 5.24.17

      1,000 days!? That’s amazing – good for you!!!! It’s definitely a combo of food and fitness. I find I’m at my thinnest when focusing on how much I eat – and drink… working out is really just the icing on the cake! Thanks for commenting and CONGRATS on making it 800 days – truly so impressed!

  9. Jenn Lake says 5.24.17

    Cutest workout gear, ever! Get it, Grace!

  10. Angela says 5.24.17

    LOVE this post! Not only is your outfit the best, but I think it’s good to do a sort of mid-year wellness checkup. Now that it’s warm out, number 3 is top on my summer workout list. I want to take advantage of the weather as much as possible and want to try something new like tennis.


    • grace at the stripe says 5.24.17

      Aw thank you Angela!!! It’s mine too… love the idea of trying tennis!! I am so uncoordinated but want to find something like that which feels more like fun than exercise!

  11. denise says 5.24.17

    you look beautiful!! love the pink sneakers too!

  12. Amanda says 5.24.17

    Love this post! It truly is about making reasonable changes to your daily routine to get back on track and eventually reach those big goals. That’s awesome you live so close to an Equinox (my fave gym and where I teach!). What classes have you tried? And love a good bridge run! So motivating and entertaining but also those hidden inclines will get you!

  13. Brooke Butler says 5.24.17

    Your shoes are too cute!

    xo, brooke

  14. I have those sneaks and love them!!

  15. Katie says 5.24.17

    Love this! I’ve been trying to focus on getting more sleep lately as it makes such a difference for me but I also love going to Pure Barre classes to get some exercise in!


  16. Such cute workout gear! I have a similar pair of pink sneakers by Adidas as you. Pink all day, err’day!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  17. Jean Mason says 5.26.17

    Grace. You look so adorable in this work out outfit! Can’t wait to see your new workout routine. xoxo Jean

  18. Heather says 5.26.17

    I think people aren’t motivated to work out because they haven’t found something they love. People need to think beyond the gym and the treadmill.
    Try kickboxing, spinning, hiking, dancing, rollerblading, basketball, etc. and change it up. If it’s something fun and you’re not watching the clock until it’s over, you’ll stick with it.