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  1. 465 blog posts in a year – that’s actually incredible! Looking forward to your 2017 posts!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Catherine says 1.4.17

    Lurker here – I really enjoy your blog, and visit it daily, though I rarely comment. I’m really excited about your travel guide and book club pages. I’d love more travel posts, not just about where you go and what you did, but how do you research a new place, how do you pack, what do you take with you on the plane, how to stay healthy while traveling, how do you recover when you get home, etc. I also enjoy your wellness posts. They’re more relatable than a lot of other blogs, and it’s a topic that I know I have on my mind for this new year.

    One site design request – I read on my phone, and the mobile version of the blog doesn’t have a link to comments at the bottom of the post, just the top. So if I want to comment, I have to scroll back to the top of the post. It’s a small thing, but you might get more comments if the link were available at the bottom instead.

  3. Sharon says 1.4.17

    I really like the idea of not ‘just’ outfit posts… I agree that instagram is great for that . I look to blogs to actually read content. I have stopped following bunch of bloggers that just post outfit pictures and those who wayyyy overuse pictures… I do not need 10 pictures of one outfit either. Love your blog!

  4. Kristin says 1.4.17

    Wow this is such a cool post. I loved learning about what resonates with your blog. For an early blogger it is very informative. I would love to hear more about the business of blogging too if you feel like sharing your experience in 2017! I definitely think you add a more personal and honest touch to your blog posts which differentiates you from other bloggers out there!



  5. Jenn Lake says 1.4.17

    Love how you are taking such an analytical and self-reflective approach! Can’t wait to see all that you will create in 2017!!!

  6. Brittany says 1.4.17

    yay more beauty products- (my post today actually is a quest for new stuff to try if you have time to recommend something!) you are my guru in that arena.
    this is such a good post- so helpful to see what resonates with people! you are such a thoughtful blogger, grace! your readers appreciate you!

    xo, brittany
    a simple beauty routine on my blog today

  7. Jess Zimlich says 1.4.17

    This has been the best 2016 recap post I’ve read so far! Like you, I love words the most, but I’ve also come to love numbers/analytical side of blogging – they can be so motivating! And on the flip side, so telling when I’m trying to figure out why I’m not growing my audience/following/etc. Thank you for sharing all of this! I’d love to see more when it comes to fitness and I must say, I really do love your style and hope you don’t scale back in that area too much (Q&A’s are great). Happy New Year, Grace 🙂

  8. Leah says 1.4.17

    This post was so interesting, thanks for sharing with us! Your approach to changes in 2017 is so thoughtful and I’m looking forward to it!

  9. Maggie says 1.4.17

    I love your Q&A posts, health/wellness and personal posts the best! Keep up the great work!!

  10. laura says 1.4.17

    Love reading your blog. It’s always refreshingly genuine. My favorite reads are the real life ones – things you do in real life, what you wear, use, eat and reviews of your trips. I would love to see a closet tour or how you maintain all your awesome clothes and shoes. Appreciate the hard work you put into your blog.

  11. Breanna Marie says 1.4.17

    Love this analysis. I had no idea how you got that many posts out! You must be insanely busy! I’d love to see you do more content on wellness. Maybe a follow-up to your snaps? Favorite workout clothes/gadgets if you have any?


  12. Marta says 1.4.17

    I remember some of those posts and products and they were some of my favourites as well! This year, I’m hoping your blog grows even more and I’m excited for the new content!

  13. Diana Pearl says 1.4.17

    I’m kind of an analytics geek, so I love this! So interesting to see what resonated on your site — a lot of the posts mentioned were some of my favorites, too! I have really loved your Q&A’s so I’m excited to see more of those, too!

    x Diana // http://www.dianapearl.com

  14. Angela says 1.4.17

    Your blog has quickly turned into one of my favorites and one that I visit daily. I absolutely love your beauty/skincare posts (your blog introduced me to cleansing oils and I can’t live without it now!) and I look forward to your reading lists. I’m excited for all of the changes/additions coming this year! Keep up the good work!!


  15. Cy says 1.4.17

    As know Grace, 2016 was a big loss year for me and reading your blog every morning with my coffee, really helped me through it. Part of my morning ritual! I think your blog celebrates women; we are beauty, intellect, style, emotion, hralth and creativity. There is something here for everyone. Really fun to see this break down. Also, love that that you can call your shots and don’t feel obligated to post something you don’t believe in. As a “creative” it’s important to feed that in ourselves. I would love to see more creative posts, but really love it all. Bring on 2017!

  16. Roxanne says 1.4.17

    I distinctly remember all of these top 10 posts! I’ve been reading your blog forever, and I like that you change and grow with what we like to see and read!
    I like the idea of doing the outfit posts and writing about something in addition. Your writing always stands out, which is why keep coming back for more!
    Thanks for all the great content this year. You’re seriously inspiring.

  17. Hillary says 1.4.17

    Love that you keep things so real and inspiring! Your blog is one of my favorites because you’re so relatable. I love the book club page and revamped travel guide — would love to see more q and a posts!

  18. Jess R says 1.4.17

    Love all these! Totally agree on the outfit posts…like them but love your other ones better. LOVE the beauty posts and also the book ones so much –your reviews are always spot on! A suggestion for site design and maybe this is user error (most likely!), but I always have a hard time finding the new posts. If I haven’t looked for a couple days, the only way to find which ones are new is to click on the post at the top and then click the previous button at the bottom of the blog. Just a suggestion! Love everything you are doing. xoxo

  19. carrie says 1.4.17

    What fun insights!

    And 465?! WOW.


  20. Sheela Goh says 1.4.17

    I look forward to getting to know you and your posts in the coming year 🙂

  21. Leah says 1.4.17

    Sounds like a great year ahead. I can’t wait to keep reading. I love this blog! Happy New Year Grace! xo

  22. Jessica says 1.4.17

    Oh wow, I cannot tell you how annoyed I am that you lost a sponsored post over that gift list. I love your blog, and that gift guide was perfect and I am buying my best friend the whore pillow. Thinking about that pillow just makes me laugh, and I know that she will actually put it on her couch.
    I love your blog, Grace. You are the very best at what you do. And good for you for keeping your dating life just for you, and your IRL friends. I just finished reading The Circle, and there are some things that you just need to keep for JUST YOU. Happy New Year, and cheers to a wonderful 2017!

  23. Alex says 1.4.17

    So agreed on beauty, wellness, and personal posts as being my faves! Also LOVE your books reccs so really excited for that. As a fellow single 30-something would love your dating newsletter to keep going… either way you’re killing it! Xx

  24. Mary says 1.4.17

    I absolutely love your posts– all of ’em! I just sent my friend the foot peel- lolol– we will have to do that for our next girls’ night!! xxoo

  25. Stefa says 1.5.17

    Thank you Grace, over the past year I feel like I’m aging out of a lot of the other blogs I read but your content has kept me interested, entertained and visiting daily. I love your beauty and book suggestions and that you give us a glimpse of your life but also keep it at a level that seems true to who you are. Best wishes for a great 2017!

  26. Lauren says 1.5.17

    Great post! It was fun to see what your readers enjoyed this past year. You are my go-to gal for all things beauty (my favorite posts to read!) so I am excited for you to feature even more of that this year. Happy 2017!

    xo, Lauren

  27. Hayley says 1.5.17

    LOVE the wellness and reading posts, keep those up! Honestly not that big of a beauty post fan, it seems like a lot of your “loves” end up being sponsored.

  28. Charlie says 1.6.17

    I’m loving this round up – as a brand new reader (hi!) it’s super helpful having so many of your top posts all in one place!

  29. Rose says 1.6.17

    This is such a great/thoughtful post, Grace!

    And yes to your point #2 about fewer outfit posts…I feel like “outfit” blogs have been slowly dying (or changing, like yours!) the last few years, as I can see pics of style on instagram and would prefer to read actual text on a blog. Yours is one of the few I still visit, for this reason 🙂 also, nothing is more annoying than a style blogger that posts 20-30 photos of the same or similar outfits in one post—Instagram sums it up much better, haha. I feel like I am always discovering new things through your blog, and that is the #1 thing that attracted me to blogs in the first place many years ago. Keep up the awesome work!!

  30. Denise Atwood says 1.6.17

    Love this round up, what a year! xox

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