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  1. Regine Karpel says 5.11.16
  2. Charleston is so amazing and you’re one of the people who originally put it on my radar, so thanks! We had the best time visiting recently – Zero George was just gorgeous. I used a lot of your recommendations when planning – FIG was so good, and Hampden Clothing as well (but dangerous for my wallet!). Can’t wait to go back and try some more of these places!

  3. Jess Zimlich says 5.11.16

    Ah, I’ve been dying to take a trip for years! Everything is so picturesque. I just need to book a trip already and make it happen 🙂

  4. Kristen says 5.11.16

    you really are an expert!! I’ve only been once but can agree with many of these fabulous suggestions! Bin 152, Chez Nous and Fig – yes! When I return, The Ordinary and Xao Bao are at the top of my list.

  5. Judy Shappley says 5.11.16

    So happy to see this! We are heading to Charleston for the first time next month. Thanks!

  6. Ellen says 5.11.16

    Pinning this for later! Charleston is at the top of my list. I’ve heard the food there is amazing, and all of the cute houses have me sold.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  7. Thuy says 5.11.16

    Lovely guide. Didn’t read through the whole thing yet but saved it to my Travel collection on Bloglovin’


  8. kim says 5.11.16

    this is fantastic! Thanks for such a detailed post!!!

  9. Deirdre Zahl says 5.11.16

    Literally LOL’ing over here over your Ordinary description. I mean I am just waiting for my embossed frequent flyer card. Miss you and love reading your guide! Memories of all your fun visits to Charleston – can’t wait to make new ones! xoxo

  10. Amanda S. says 5.11.16

    What an amazing guide – thank you!!!

  11. Allison says 5.11.16

    You really should be Charleston’s ambassador. It sounds so incredible… dying to plan a trip!

  12. Elizabeth M. says 5.11.16

    love this so much – thanks for such a thorough guide!!

  13. heather says 5.11.16

    obsessed! great guide!

  14. lily says 5.11.16

    EPIC City guide!!! I would maybe add The Butcher’s Daughter but otherwise you got my fave spots! Totally agree re: FIG, Hampden, and McCrady’s!!!

  15. Emily says 5.12.16

    This is the best Charleston guide I’ve seen yet!! I’m a local, and I couldn’t agree more with your selections. Beckett is my new favorite store on King,and the restaurants you listed are some of my favorites, too. Next time you’re in town, you should try Trattoria Lucca. It’s off the beaten path a bit, but definitely worth it.

  16. Liz says 5.12.16

    From all of the photos you have posted about Charleston, it looks like Uptown New Orleans. Looks like I’ll have to come up from down South to visit one day!

  17. C's Collection says 5.12.16

    I went to Charleston in February and stayed at The Mills House. The location really can’t be beat, and the staff is wonderful! I would definitely go back even though it’s very “hotel-y”. I’m headed back in July so I’ll be referencing this post! Thanks!


  18. Barry says 5.12.16

    A couple of points: the Mills House was rebuilt in the 1960s and only the wrought iron balconies are original, but a good recreation. The hotel to stay in Charleston, if you are high-ending, is Charleston Place. Also, Kaminskys 78 North Market Street is unmissable if you really want to blow a diet!! Amazing gateaux.

  19. Katie says 5.12.16

    Oooh, thanks for these tips! I’ll have to keep these in mind for future vacay plans!


  20. Maggie says 5.12.16

    What a great post! I love Charleston and these are great tips. I’ve been to Bin 152 and loved it too!


  21. The Weekend Guide says 5.13.16

    […] Our trip to Charleston a few years ago is still one of my favorite vacations. Grace’s travel guide made me want to book a flight back to South […]

  22. The Southern Stylista says 5.14.16

    My husband and I honeymooned in Savannah, GA and drove up to Charleston for a day and absolutely fell in love. On your next trip I highly suggest having lunch at the Hominy Grill (the tomato pudding is the best side dish & the buttermilk pie for dessert is a must have!) and then Fleet Landing for dinner with a view-those were our faves 🙂

    xoox, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  23. Sarah says 5.16.16

    Loved the post! This has me wanting to book a trip ASAP:) Looks live such a lovely place to visit!

    XO – Sarah

  24. Joye says 5.17.16

    As a licensed private tour guide in Charleston for more than 28 years I loved your travel tips. When Dr Ruth took a tour with me we were both surprised at the things that were of interest to most people from New York. Contact me next time you come to town. Joye McElrath Hanna ( my family has been in SC since the 1690’s) jawee@comcast.net

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  27. David Summerbell says 6.8.16

    This is a pretty comprehensive guide on Charleston and a good read. I live next door to charleston but have never been there. Love the pics, they do a good job of showing of the beauty of the city. Thanks for sharing this.

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  29. […] me to tell you, Charleston is a BIG foodie town. Admittedly, I might have cheated and scoped out Grace’s list here (the girl knows her Charleston hot spots!).  Here were our […]

  30. […] me to tell you, Charleston is a BIG foodie town. Admittedly, I might have cheated and scoped out Grace’s list here (the girl knows her Charleston hot spots!).  Here were our […]

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  32. Alyssa says 12.14.16

    I’m looking at going to Charleston in the spring, is it necessary to rent a car if you’re staying in the historic district? Or are there Ubers, or can you walk most places?

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