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  1. Courtney says 10.22.15

    Your leggings are so cute! I’m a huge fan of barre classes too!


  2. michelle says 10.22.15

    Hi Grace –
    What brand are your shoes?

  3. Great post! I love reading about different workout options and new studios to try!

    Dani | http://www.styledvariety.com

  4. Audrey says 10.22.15

    Loved this post–makes me miss your weekend workout posts! I wish those would make a comeback 🙂

  5. Katie says 10.22.15

    I wish that we had a Soul Cycle in San Diego!!! I’ll have to try that next time I’m in New York!


    The best homemade jam recipe is up on the blog today!


  6. iReply says 10.22.15

    Out of curiosity how much do you pay a week for all of these classes?

  7. Ally says 10.22.15

    Being self employed or freelance it’s so crucial to build a schedule. Setting up a consistent workout routine is a great way to do that. I usually stick to barre3 but I wish we had a Soul Cycle near me. It sounds like quite the workout!

    Xo Ally


  8. Theodora says 10.22.15

    1. LOVE Calia stuff! It’s super flattering.
    2. I’ve heard great things about those yoga retreats. I have some serious vacay days to burn…maybe I should look into one!

  9. Elizabeth says 10.22.15

    Do you do the Core Fusion Barre or Fusion Barre + Cardio?

  10. Ash Diamond says 10.22.15

    I’m trying Flex next week! Those Calia pieces are so cute!

  11. Meg says 10.22.15

    Love this post, Grace! I’m wondering which of the Exhale Core Fusions you like best? Cardio, Barre, Yoga, “Extreme?” I’ve only ever done the cardio one and I’m semi-scared to go back it was so hard!

  12. Shira says 10.22.15

    Exhale core fusion is great but I also love flybarre! And exhale power yoga (Lauren’s class is bestttt killer yoga, super intense and hard but so good!) I’ve been wanting to try Chaise, I’ve heard mixed things. And I’ve only tried Flex TRX and it was the hardest but most hellish class in.my.life. What’s so hard about their basic classes??


  13. Elizabeth says 10.22.15

    Have you tried Physique57? I like Exhale a lot but I think I like physique more!

  14. Danika says 10.29.15

    Omg those leggings are everything! I’ve been wanting to check out Carrie’s line, thanks for reviewing!


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  16. Bree says 11.20.15

    I am happy to see you put Yoga Vida in here – the NoHo location is right across from my office and I have been tempted to try it out – will have to now! thx!! 🙂

  17. Beth says 12.15.15

    You don’t know how much I miss Core Fusion. There’s one in Stamford, but that’s like going to TriBeCa from uptown. Maybe next year when both kiddies are in school all day…

    At least we have Soul. 🙂 Although I double up and do weights inbetween my workout days so I keep burning calories. If you haven’t tried CMT, I’ve heard amazing things and it’s a fun, upbeat Pilates type class. OrangeTheory is also great upbeat cardio that uses running and rowing. Amazing. Just a DL from the burbs :).

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