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  • How I feel when I see people not socially distancing or leaving New York longgggg after the shelter-in-place was put in effect. I’m going to need Botox when all of this is over! Please don’t be an idiot. It’s not about you, it’s about stopping the spread. Everyone is having a tough time right now. I know it’s hard but please, please stay home, stay put, and don’t put other people in danger. ❤️
  • Self care means a LOT of different things for everyone right now but one thing I’ve been really leaning into is my nightly baths. I’ve always been a bath girl but it’s become a nightly thing that I depend on! During the work week it’s how I end the day, and on the weekend it’s how I transition from daytime sweats into evening sweats. 😆 I think we are all struggling a bit with staying sane and this little evening ritual is one of the things that’s really helped me!!! (Would love yo hear about your daily/evening rituals in the comments if you have one!!!) Also, two sidebars: for me, bathing is less about getting clean (I shower before or in the morning) and more about a warm and comforting ritual. And this bath tray is linked in my amazon shop under “introverting essentials!”
  • TFW when you figure out the camera self timer, AND there's something good to watch on @amazonprimevideo! I have been counting down the days til @makingthecuttv drops and today is the day! Making the Cut is an Amazon Original series global fashion TV show, hosted by Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. I don't know about you but I definitely need a little fashion escapism right now! (Sidebar: my hoodie and joggers are @amazonfashion, linked in my Amazon shop under "Drop Favs!")
ALSO: Something really cool that Making The Cut just announced.... they are actually donating over half a million dollars to the World Health Organization and local charities in the cities where they filmed. To celebrate the premiere, they are challenging all of you to #StrutForTheCut. Please record yourself wearing your best ”home couture“- whatever that means to you- and strutting your stuff down your hallways. Raise awareness and be a part of Making The Cut from the comfort of your own home! Now- let’s see your best #StrutForTheCut!” #founditonamazon #ad
  • My pal @lydiahirt challenged me to share the books I want to read during social distancing so here is my current “QTBR” pile! Mostly light reads, a bit of murder, you know, the ush! I started @jenniferweinerwrites’ new one (Beach Read!) last night and am loving it so far, especially as it’s partially set on Cape Cod (where I grew up!) and about an influencer. ❤️ what are you reading? Would love for you to share your TBR pile... tell me in the comments your own and tag me so that I can see it!!!! (Sidebar: this is the only challenge I will be doing... hard no on pushups and dancing for me! 😆😆)
  • GIVEAWAY ALERT! Today's blog post is an exciting one as I've teaming up with @augustinusbader! ❤️❤️❤️ If you’re a regular reader, you know I have been talking about this brand on my own for 2+ years. This is my first time partnering with them and I was excited about this project to get a chance to talk to them about the science behind WHY the products work so well... and where the new products fit in. We also have a special giveaway for you! All the details are on the blog but we are giving one lucky reader The Discovery Duo (which contains The Rich Cream and The Cream, valued at $370) and The Body Cream ($165). Head to to enter... good luck! #ad #thecreamthatworks (📸 by @carterfish)
  • How are you doing? ❤️❤️❤️
In today's episode of @badonpaperpodcast, @beccamfreeman and I talk a little bit about how we're doing before we get to book chat. (FYI, Next week's ep will be a big "distractions" episode.) This is obviously a very scary time for all of us - so much uncertainty and so many unknowns. We are staying home, donating + helping however we can, and trying to stay as positive as possible. <3 -
If you're looking for a good book to read, we can't recommend I'll Give You the Sun enough - we talk about it in today’s book club ep. It's magically written, with a very satisfying ending - the perfect distraction!
Hang in there friends... we're all in this together! Virtual hugs (from at least 6 feet away) to you all.
📸: by @carterfish
  • Physically on the couch with takeout, four glasses of water, and a pile of work. Mentally... somewhere warm, wearing my beloved nightgown dress from my @amazonthedrop collection. I mentioned this on stories last night week but we made the decision to postpone the launch as Amazon prioritizes essential shipments and getting the important stuff out! It was originally supposed to launch this Thursday. 😌 Thinking happy thoughts and looking forward to launching the collection and living in nightgown dresses all summer long when things get back to normal! ❤️ (📸: @genstreetstyle)
  • Have decided that #MatchingMondays needs to be a thing until quarantine is over. 👱🏻‍♀️🐱 Here is today’s installment! (Feel free to join in the fun! If you dress up with your pet, post it to stories on Monday and tag me; I will share my favs on stories!!!) #prayfortyrion #poorpuff