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  • Drugstore Coffee


  • The Rooftop at The Bobby
  • Hidden Bar



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  • Live Music!
  • Visit the South 12 Neighborhood
  • Stroll Broadway and 2nd Street

  • #ad Found: The perfect easy summer dress.... I brought this one with me to Sag Harbor! Today on I am sharing two outfits (this dress is included!) and a bunch of summer picks from @nordstrom and @somethingnavy! #nordstrom @shopstyle
  • 2050 podcast promo shot.
  • It's time for a recipe!!! #ad I had a blast at the @teavanatea event and loved their Beach Time spirit-free tea cocktail (though full disclosure, I think it would be even better with a splash of tequila). It's perfectly tropical and so refreshing! #teavanalife
• 2 oz Teavana® Beach Bellini® Tea (brewed at 2x strength)
• ½ oz Simple Syrup
• ½ oz Pineapple Juice
• ¼ oz Fresh Lime Juice
• Splash of Club Soda
• 1 pinch Cayenne Pepper
1. Brew 1 sachet of Beach Bellini Tea in 4 oz of hot water for 5 minutes
• Remove sachet • Flash-chill tea over ice and then strain to remove ice
2. Combine and shake all ingredients and ice in a cocktail shaker
3. Strain into a champagne flute, add a splash of club soda, and enjoy
4. Bonus! Garnish with a lime twist. 📸: @carterfish
  • retreat life has commenced. 🧘🏼‍♀️Taking a 5 day break from makeup and responsibility. (But clearly not social media bc how else would I show you just how zen I am? 😉)
  • Afternoon rosé date with my mom and my sister ❤️ (📸 by my mom)
  • "I have never really cared about having kids. It's never been a hard no but it's also not a priority, if that makes any sense. Finding a partner to share life with IS a priority for me; but I could care less about a big wedding or a house in the suburbs. Life is all about compromise so who knows how my future partner will feel but if I had my way, I'd find my person, settle down in Brooklyn, and live a lovely "just us" life here where we have a lot of animals and maybe a house upstate, lead vibrant lives in the city, and support each other in our careers. That's not too much to ask, is it!?" -
sharing a personal story on the blog ( today in partnership with @skii and their new #timelines campaign (the videos are so moving!) Would love for you to read and share your own stories in the comments. #skiipartner #changedestiny 📸: @jlbabe
  • me and my business suit just want to wish you a happy Friday!!! 🌈❤️🤩
  • #tbt to sipping the most delicious spirit-free tea cocktail (something I thought I'd never say!) with @teavanatea at @arlohotels a few weeks ago. #ad I am loving Teavana's new "Beach Bellini" sachets, and since the party, I’ve been making iced tea at home with them. The tea contains real pineapple, papaya, and mango and is perfect served ICED! #teavanalife