Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank You!

Wow. Yesterday was a whirlwind! I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your support – whether buying a piece from the collection or just the kind DMs, comments, and emails! It meant the world to me and the launch was definitely a huge highlight for me both personally and for my career. I felt terribly that it sold out so quickly BUT the good news is that I will most likely be doing a second collection this fall or winter which will a) be inclusively sized as they’ll have that capability and b) hopefully have more availability as this one sold so well so they can buy more fabric. Of course none of this is confirmed but I will keep you posted!

Today I wanted to highlight a few friends that wore the collection (and their amazing blogs, instagrams, etc.) and sent me a photo of them wearing it! If you aren’t already, I hope you will click through to their pages, follow them, check out their blogs, subscribe to their newsletters, etc! Do all the things! AND WOW, THANKS AGAIN!!!!

Caralyn Mirand

Caralyn (above!!!) is the founder of her own site, Caralyn Mirand… follow her on Instagram, here!

I also wanted to note that Caralyn is creating the Drop’s first collection with extended sizing. Her collection (and collections after that!) will be available in up to a 3X! You can read more about her upcoming collection here!

Thank You!

Carly Heitlinger

Carly probably needs no introduction as we have a lot of overlap in our audiences. She’s become a really good friend this year and is the founder of Carly the Prepster. Follow her on Instagram here!

Thank You for supporting Grace Atwood The Drop collection

Katie Sturino

You all know Katie too, I think! Katie is the founder of The 12ish Style and her own product line, Megababe Beauty. She also has her own collection with Stitchfix (I got the banana print blouse!). Follow her on Instagram here!

Thank You for supporting Grace Atwood The Drop collection

Ayana Lage

Ayana is a new friend! You might have heard her on our podcast this week. She is the cutest mama to be and has been an incredible resource for me personally with her anti-racism videos and posts. Follow her on instagram and check out her blog!

Thank You for supporting Grace Atwood The Drop collection

Emily Kammeyer

Emily is a newer friend as well (we had known each other for a while but really bonded working on the Veronica Beard project we did together during fashion week!) She has an incredible sense of style and talks about a well-rounded blend of fitness and fashion on her Instagram.

Makeda, Glamazon Diaries

Makeda is the founder of Glamazon Diaries. She’s been blogging since 2007 and is one of the first, OG bloggers. I’ve been following her for ages. I love her vibrant, colorful style – she accessorized this dress amazingly, I now want to find a rattan belt to pair with my dress. Follow Makeda on Instagram here!
Thank You for supporting Grace Atwood The Drop collection

Blair Eadie

Blair probably also needs no introduction but is the founder of Atlantic-Pacific (if you somehow didn’t know this, she has her own collection with Nordstrom!). Follow her on Instagram here!

Thank You for supporting Grace Atwood The Drop collection

Jess Keys

Jess is the founder of The Golden Girl blog (her blog is excellent and she actually did a whole post about my collection!) Follow her on Instagram here!

grace atwood the drop collection

Julia Dzafic

Julia is the blogger behind Lemon Stripes, where she talks about motherhood, wellness, style, and a slew of other good things. Follow her on Instagram here!

grace atwood the drop collection

Becca Freeman

Becca is my Bad on Paper co-host, a freelance marketing consultant, and the co-creator of RomComPods (which I might add is currently the number one fiction podcast… WOW!

grace atwood the drop collection

Hitha Palepu

Hitha is one of my oldest friends from blogging! We met ages and ages ago in Barcelona and have been friends ever since. Follow her on Instagram, but also sign up for her newsletter – it’s INCREDIBLE, I learn so much from her.

grace atwood the drop collection

Krystal Bick

Everything Krystal creates is just, for lack of a better word… art! Krystal has an incredible eye and this photo is just… WOW! Follow her on Instagram and check out her amazing blog!

Jenn Lake

Jenn Lake

Jenn had her own giant launch this week (if you read here regularly you know this!) with Sail to Sable! She blogs over at Style Charade. I love her vibrant, colorful style (her instagram is such a happy place!) and have no idea how she manages a full time, very senior career in PR as well as everything she has going on with the blog and social media! She wrote a whole blog post about my collection which was so nice of her.

have a great weekend!

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  1. I’m happy for you, Grace! You deserve it! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. So proud of you Grace!!! I swear seeing your logo in the label was my fave part!!

  3. Cara Miklasz says 6.19.20

    Congratulations, Grace!! I’m so happy for you

  4. Shana says 6.19.20

    So much to love here! Yesterday was fun 🙂 to watch the comments, the FB page etc. but I also love the women supporting other women theme, lastly seeing how the dress I’m going to be receiving styled in several ways gets me even more excited!! really happy for you and hope you get to take a little break to soak it in and enjoy it this weekend!

  5. Maggie says 6.19.20

    Yesterday was so exciting, can’t wait to receive my pieces!!

  6. Christine says 6.19.20

    I couldn’t decide whether I liked the red print top or dress better — so I just got both! I can’t wait until they get here!

  7. Jessica Camerata says 6.19.20

    Leave it to Krystal to make that dress look so editorial! Again huge congrats on this collection. It was so fun to see your excitement in it and everyone elses too!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  8. Leala says 6.19.20

    So happy for you! Really hoping you will come out with a cozy fall line. Your style and taste are unmatched!

  9. Jess says 6.21.20

    Congrats, Grace! Can’t wait to get my dresses. Also loved seeing how your friends styled these pieces. So cool that you shouted them out here too.