In my personal experience, skulls are a little bit polarizing – you either love them, or you hate them.  For me, it’s always been love.  They add an irreverent touch to more classic outfits, can be preppy if properly styled, and are just… fun!  I love pairing my skull pieces with girly touches (something hot pink, a ruffled dress or skirt, glitter.)  Here are a few of my very favorites.  Of course we all know that Alexander McQueen does it best, but of there are loads of affordable options out there… especially on the accessories front.  (And for a DIY version, why not try this necklace or this tee!?)

From Top Left:  Delicate Necklace // Stud Earrings // Chunky Necklace

Set of Three Rings (under $10) // Tee // Scarf

Coin Purse // Socks // Bracelet (under $10) // Flats

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  1. Julie & Lauren says 6.11.12

    I think they’re fun! Such a cute round-up. I’d go for those flats. XO

  2. christin schindewolf says 6.11.12

    i love the crap out of this post! however, i am a bit disgruntled that you didn’t put the skull studs in the roudup. we’ll talk about this later…

  3. Elizabeth Schneider says 6.11.12

    It’s always been love for me too, I think I need that bracelet

  4. ALyson -- TAGG says 6.11.12

    Love this post: oddly I’m desperately trying to love the skull thing but I’m just not there. Love that scarf though! 

  5. Viviana Carmona says 6.11.12

    I’m with you! Love them.

  6. Virginie says 6.11.12

    They will never be out of fashion! Did you see my yesterday’s post, skull made of jewels components?..
    Happy Monday !

    Virginie/ Style Reload

  7. JennySueMakeup says 6.11.12

    I actually love love skeletons/skulls.  I think bc it’s not my personality at all, which makes it fun (I’m zero goth, all bright and shiny and girly!)  My boys wear skull tees and shorts all the time, just bc it makes them look like tough guys at 6 and 4 years old:)

  8. Cheetahisthenewblack says 6.11.12

    You know I love a girly / tough combo and skeletons are the perfect edgy accessory to pair with feminine pieces. Loving all these! Excited to catch up tonight too!! x

  9. Ladyofashion says 6.11.12

    I tend to like skulls as well, just pick my time and place to wear them. I love the earrings, and the McQueen flats are so adorable!

  10. Lia says 6.11.12

    Ahhhh I’m a skull fanatic!  I love all of your picks, wish I could have every one of them!
    Smart n Snazzy

  11. Megan Zietz says 6.11.12

    love these skulls grace!

    xo Megan

  12. Jordan - Queen of LA says 6.11.12

    that bracelet is awesome! might need to purchase, you know i love me some skulls!

  13. AnnGMorrone says 6.11.12
  14. Erika [small shop] says 6.11.12

    I am a fan! In small doses, and mixed with something girly and pretty!
    That bracelet is a steal!

  15. Tamra Sanford says 6.11.12

    Ohh big fan of the skelator scarf!

  16. the stylish housewife says 6.12.12

    the title of your post made me laugh because that was my nickname in elementary school! i haven’t pulled the trigger yet on anything with a skull but these are some fun options!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  17. Kate {Something Fabulous} says 6.12.12

    Hmm, I still think I’m in a hate relationship with skulls. I just can’t bring myself to like them! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  18. Crystalin says 6.12.12

    Oh man, those McQueen flats are amazing!

  19. Deirdre says 6.13.12

    I bought an adorable rose gold tiny charm skull necklace while visiting Austin, TX and I adore it! Right on board with you, Lady! XO