You’re Safe Here

As a longtime reader of Leslie Stephens’ newsletter Morning Person, I had preordered it but tempered my expectations. This sounds bad, especially as someone who has an online following… but you sometimes think, “did this person get this book deal because of their following or because of their talent?” Anyway: the book solved that question… it’s definitely her talent. I LOVED this book and couldn’t put it down! It is a little bit literary (gorgeous writing), a little bit sci-fi (set in the future in 2060), but also very much a thriller. I was blown away by the futuristic (yet realistic) world she created, the technology she imagined (it’s so creative!), and her characters! It is 2060 and several natural disasters have occurred. Airplane travel is now prohibitively expensive, even for the very wealthy. Beer is a commodity. Same with coffee. Set in California, we meet three women. There is Emmett, the enigmatic founder of the largest tech company in America. She has just launched the WellPod: a fully stocked personal pod floating in the Pacific, giving its travelers a true escape from reality. There is Maggie, newly pregnant (but not by her partner) who decides to embark on the 6 week program. And then there is Noa, Maggie’s fiance (and WellCorp employee!). When Noa discovers a dangerous coverup, she’ll do anything to keep Maggie safe. If you loved The Circle by Dave Eggers, you’ll love this. Stanley Kubrick fans will also love all the 2001 references. I want a sequel. Or a television adaptation. Brava, Leslie!