You’re Invited

This book was a wild ride. The book opens with Amaya being invited to her ex-best friend Kaavi’s over-the-top wedding in Sri Lanka. There are only a few hitches. Amaya and Kaavi haven’t spoken in years (we don’t know why but we know something bad happened) and the groom is Amaya’s ex-boyfriend. Kaavi is now a social media influencer (and the founder of a charity that helps underprivileged girls). Amaya becomes consumed with one thought: she must stop the wedding from happening. We have it all: an unreliable narrator, a glamorous locale, best friends turned enemies… I could go on. Things take a turn when Kaavi goes missing. The book alternates between past, present, plus police transcripts. Kaavi is presumed dead and Amaya is the man suspect. But as we see throughout the book, Kaavi has made some other enemies and Amaya (as unlikeable as she is throughout a large chunk of the book) may not be to blame after all. I guessed part of the ending but tore through this in 24 hours… I needed to know what happened! Absolutely loved it.

Author: Amanda Jayatissa