You Are Not Alone

This thriller scratched a BIG itch for something that would keep me up all night, keep me guessing, and so on and so forth. These two also wrote An Anonymous Girl and The Wife Between Us (two FAVS – I couldn’t put either one down) and I had been saving it because I knew it would be good. I was right, it was such a fun thriller, without falling into the more common thriller tropes (I haven’t seen a plot line similar to this one, yet.) This is the story of lonely Shay – nothing is going right for her. She’s lost her job, she’s unhappily single… she craves closeness but just can’t find it. One day, on her way to an interview, she’s waiting for the train and witnesses a woman committing suicide. She becomes dangerously obsessed with the woman’s story (who is she? what drove her to do this!?) Through her personal investigation into Amanda’s life she meets her two friends, Cassandra and Jane. Cassandra and Jane seem to have everything figured out. They’re smart and glamorous, own their own boutique PR firm, and have a wonderfully close-knit group of girlfriends in the city. She finds herself getting closer and closer to them… but something is amiss. I won’t say anything else but if you love a twisty thriller, this is the book for you!!!!