(CW: Eating disorder, cancer) This is a book that will make you FEEL. I started out only medium on it (but to be honest I think this may be because I was just in a little reading rut this month!!!) but ended up really, really enjoying it. This is the story of two sisters who could not be more different: June and Jayne. They’re living in New York but estranged. Jayne is 19 and in art school, June is three years older and has a plush job in finance. When June is diagnosed with uterine cancer, the two reunite under unlikely circumstances – Jayne is the only one to help her. What follows is an incredibly emotional and heartfelt story about the importance of family. I cried at the end. I initially found Jayne to be deeply immature and unlikeable: self-obsessed and just a complete mess. That being said, she’s 19. I will say that I found the eating disorder scenes (bulimia) to be pretty graphic so if that is a trigger for you, definitely skip this book. Order it on Amazon or Bookshop.org

Author: Mary H. K. Choi