Wrong Place, Wrong Time

I am so conflicted on this one! On the one hand, it took me about a hundred and fifty pages to get into it (I came so close to DNFing it but had heard such rave reviews). On the other hand, once I got into it I really enjoyed it. I thought the plot and structure of the novel were both really creative and unique; it had some great twists and I LOVED the ending. Here is the premise. Kelly and Jen have a teenage son (Todd) together. Todd is, by all accounts, very sweet and a total rule follower/do-gooder. One night, Todd commits a terrible murder, which Kelly and Jen witness. It is gruesome and awful, and the end of the beautiful life their family has built together. The next day, Jen wakes up and it is the day before. The next day, it’s the day before that. She is stuck in some sort of wild time loop. Can she stop the murder? Can she figure out what happened to unravel her family’s secrets? Is anyone who she thought they were? I would definitely recommend this but just be prepared for it to take a bit to get into. Once you’re in, you’ll be hooked.

Author: Gillian McAllister