Would Like to Meet

This was a contender for our March book club pick and while we did not choose it, I definitely recommend reading it as it was very cute. Evie Summers is a 29 year old assistant to a big time film agent and they’re in a bit of hot water. Their biggest client, Ezra, has committed to writing a rom-com and hasn’t delivered. The whole firm is in danger and Evie is in danger of losing her job, so she makes getting Ezra to write her job. She commits to inspire him by staging her own meet-cutes and writing about them for Ezra. They go through all the rom-com tropes. Will spilling orange juice on a stranger result in true love? What about renting a ramshackle cottage like the one in The Holiday? And so on and so forth. In between she meets Ben and his sweet daughter Anette. It’s a very cute rom-com and a bit rambly and sometimes predictable, but altogether very satisfying and fun. I loved it!