Women Are The Fiercest Creatures

I really enjoyed this (and you know I’m a huge fan of Andrea Dunlop’s books). It’s set in Seattle, among the wealthy (and often backstabbing) tech elite and it is a fun, feminist, ride of a novel. The story centers around three women (the ex-wife, new wife, and ex-girlfriend) of a manipulative tech CEO. Jake Sarnoff is a tech god, the wunderkind founder of Strangers (an app that is similar to Meetup and helps people form groups and find friends). His public image is that of a smart, highly evolved – even feminist! founder. Privately, he’s not quite that person, which we learn from meeting the women in his life. There is Anna, still reeling from her divorce with Jake after he left her for a much younger woman. He still tells her how much he loves, needs, and wants her back (despite forcing her out of the company she helped build). Then there is Jessica, Jake’s 25 year old new wife. A blonde bombshell who is now a new mom, struggling to stay afloat. Lastly, there is Samanta Flores-Walsh. Sam is his college girlfriend who also hand a hand in building Strangers, long ago. Now she is a single mom, raising her daughter while running a thriving fitness business, she has questions for Jake as well. As Strangers nears its IPO date, the three women’s stories begin to intersect in interesting ways as secrets come to the surface. I couldn’t put this one down. I read it in just a couple days.

Author: Andrea Dunlop