Woman on Fire

I feel like this book was just made for me. It’s a thriller about the art world, with a touch historical fiction thrown in. I found myself savoring it… I really loved this book! Jules Roth is a young, ambitious journalist who talks her way into a job with Dan Mansfield (a wildly respective, unconventional investigative reporter). When Dan assigns her to a top secret, off the books project, her whole life changes. She’s assigned to help him locate a painting that had been stolen by the Nazis. Dan’s old friend Ellis Baum (renowned shoe designer), wants the painting for personal reasons. Meanwhile, Margaux de Laurent is a powerful art dealer, managing her family’s many art galleries all over the world. The thing is, her family business is suffering and she is being told she’s going to need to close some of the galleries and sell of pieces from her family’s collection. She has no interest in doing any of this, and has made other plans to rebuild her family fortune (legal or not). As Jules and Margaux’s paths intersect in a rush to find the stolen painting, Jules proves herself to be even more ambitious and talented than Dan could have thought; and Margaux becomes more and more ruthless. Both women: desperate to obtain the painting. I loved this book and could not put it down.

Author: Lisa Barr