Woman of the Year

A few days after reading this book I am still not entirely sure about it. Did I love it? Hate it? I really don’t know. It’s uncomfortable to read in that the protagonist is wildly unlikeable, at least at first. This is the story of two college best friends: Lorelei and Holly. Twenty years after graduation, the friends have had a falling out. Holly is about to be awarded “Woman of the Year,” and has attained all possible levels of success. Meanwhile, Lorelei dropped out of college, has a messy life… and lives alone with her cat. ( She is the kind of cat lady who makes the rest of us cat lovers seem crazy). Lorelei blames a lot of her failures in life on Holly (thanks to a gaslighting incident in school that ruined Lorelei). She attends the dinner for Holly, determined to get revenge.. only for there to be another murder which convinces her that maybe she could be in danger, too. The book alternates between modern day and college (where Lorelei and Holly were still tight and Lorelei was sleeping with their beloved college professor). It is uncomfortable to read (like I said I didn’t necessarily enjoy reading it), but I liked the ending!

Author: Darcey Bell