Wives Like Us

This book is very funny in a satirical sense; kind of like The White Lotus (except with wealthy English socialites – or country princesses, as they are deemed in the book!). Not a ton happens plot-wise, but the character dynamics (they all constantly misunderstand what is going on) and interactions are priceless at times… making it a page turner regardless of plot. Set in the Cotswold villages of Little Bottom, Middle Bottom, Great Bottom, and Monkton Bottom, the book centers around Tata Hawkins, her two best friends, her butler, and an American divorcee who has just moved in. Tata and her husband have had a falling out so she’s out of sorts and has moved herself, their daughter, and her butler into their guest house. Meanwhile her two best friends Sophie and Fernanda are dealing with their own troubles. All three women are desperate to get to know Selby Fairfax, the glamorous American divorcee who has just moved in. The butler has nowhere for his Gucci loafers to live. What on earth will they all do; how will they possibly survive!? This is a fun beach read. Silly rich people drama!