While We Were Dating

This was the last book of The Wedding Date series. I hesitate to call them a series, as you can 100% read each of the books alone… it’s just that the characters from previous books make little cameos. Anna Gardiner is a Hollywood movie star, determined to make a name for herself. When she stars in an ad campaign produced by (handsome, former backup dancer) Ben, sparks fly between the two of them. A flirtation develops between the two of them, and then sex… and then they become “fake” boyfriend and girlfriend to help Anna advance her career and promote her next movie. But what if the feelings between them aren’t fake? Jasmine Guillory has a formula for her books which usually looks something like this: Boy and girl meet. Sparks fly. But it’s just for fun and they can’t be together. But maybe they can be together? Satisfying reunion. And as much as I know the formula and can guess exactly what is going to happen, it’s still incredibly satisfying. I really enjoyed this. Party of Two is still probably my favorite of hers but this was a fun read. Order on Bookshop.org or Amazon.

Author: Jasmine Guillory