When The Lights Go Out

TW: Infertility. Okay so I have read most of Mary Kubica’s books and really love her writing but felt let down by this one’s ending! I was like WAIT WHAT and it felt like an easy out!  Still, it was enjoyable – one of my measures for how much I enjoy a book is if it keeps me up all night or if I want to wake up early to read a book and this one made me want to wake up early. It’s told in alternating timelines – in 1996, with a young wife (Eden) who only wants to be pregnant. It’s consuming her whole life, affecting her marriage, her friendships, her career. In modern day, we have Jessie who is feeling lost after the passing of her mother while simultaneously finding herself in a mysterious situation: when she goes to enroll for financial aid at school, and provides her social security number, she is told that she is dead. This is a fun mystery, good for right now but again I felt like the ending was a bit of a cop out. If you’ve read it I would love to hear your thoughts!