What Would Frida Do?

I would describe this book as… part biography and part self-help book! As a long time fan of Frida Kahlo I was really excited to pick this one up and it did not disappoint. Frida Kahlo was a feminist icon, a style icon, and an incredible artist. She was known for her signature bold, colorful style and (equally bold) politics just as well as she was known for her tumultuous relationship with Diego Rivera. Through her life she experienced horrible heartbreak (both in her marriage and in her struggles with her health and infertility) but she was never afraid of living boldly, staying true to herself, and making a statement. I was pretty familiar with her story but loved the format of the book: it breaks up Frida’s life into chapters (like love, heartbreak, sex, etc.) giving us an inside look at her life and how she handled each of these things, with advice at the end. Her story is pretty incredible: she’s survived so much, from polio as a child to being impaled by a hand rail in a bus accident to her husband’s multiple affairs (even cheating on her with her own sister). It’s part history book/biography and part pep talk. Such a fantastic idea and also a really great inspirational book as we usher in a brand new year.