We’re Speaking

Proud friend moment: my incredible friend Hitha wrote this book, it’s amazing, and I really think that pretty much everyone that reads this blog will really love it!!!! Also, she wrote it very quickly and I have no idea how she did it… I bow down. This book is an absolute MUST for every woman on your list, especially a younger woman beginning her career or graduating from college. This is a book about Kamala Harris, but it is not a policy book. It’s a book about Kamala’s life, and the lessons we can all learn from it… across family, relationships, work, and beyond. It’s part biography, part self-help/inspirational. It’s a book about finding your voice, being more confident, and stepping into your power. No matter what your political views may be, I think that we can agree that Kamala is pretty awe-inspiring… and it’s pretty amazing to have a Black, Asian-American female VP in the White House. I loved learning more about her life and her career (especially her family life), there is a lot I didn’t know! Order on Bookshop.org or Amazon.