Waiting For Snow in Havana

If you’re thinking about going to Cuba (or just interested in Cuba), this is a must. It’s a Cuban boy’s memories from growing up in an affluent family in Havana in the fifties before he was a part of the Peter Pan Project where 14,000 Cuban children were airlifted out of the country in 1961. The original plan was to be reunited with family in 3 months; no one thought Castro would stay in control for as long as he did. It ended up taking three years for his mother to join him and his brother (his father stayed behind; refusing to leave his possessions). He lived with a foster family and then in an orphanage; ultimately ending up with his uncle. The kids, growing up were so wild and violent with each other. Constant fighting, going car surfing… it was definitely something different. And his memories are just beautifully written. I really, really enjoyed this one.