Very Bad Company

This was a fun read. It was stressful though! Also, I was hesitant to read it as last year’s Bad Summer People fell a little bit flat for me. (The writing was great, I just hated every character which was 100% the author’s intent but also not what I want from a book?). This is a dark mystery set at a corporate retreat in South Beach. Every year, Aurora (a trendy tech startup) hosts a fancy retreat for its top level executives. This year is Caitlin Levy’s first retreat. It’s also her first day on the job! She’s been hired to run the company’s events but isn’t entirely sure what her job entails. She’s being paid seven figures, given stock shares and endless perks… it all seems a little bit too good to be true. On the first night, the group heads out to party and a high-level executive disappears. No one knows what happened, but the disappearance has the potential to derail the future of the company’s sale… costing everyone on the team millions! So Caitlin and her team must pull it together. Team-building, group brainstorms, extravagant dinners: all while uncovering secrets about the company and what really happened to their colleague. I couldn’t put it down, even though I felt very stressed out reading it. Great characters (I felt like I knew them) and plot.

Author: Emma Rosenblum