Uncanny Valley

I wanted so much to love this book (and it had been a contender for our February book club -Becca and I both rushed to read it as we had thought we might like it even more than Followers. Spoiler alert: neither of us liked it very much, which bummed us both out! It started out strong. It’s Anna Weiner’s story of going from the publishing world to the tech world and an incredibly dead on portrayal of what it’s like to work in the tech world as a woman. I’d say I enjoyed the first 50%. Enjoy may not be the word. I related to, and felt really intrigued (and a little sick/nervous as it’s such an accurate portrayal of working at a startup!). But the second half of the book lost me, to the point where I put it down at the last chapter because I was just… struggling. Becca likened it to reading one really long New York Mag essay. It just lost me. I feel badly as it’s well written and I feel like Anna and I would probably get along great, but I just didn’t love this one (and it has gotten SO MUCH HYPE!).

Author: Anna Wiener