Too Late

Let me be clear: I am a huge, huge fan of Colleen Hoover’s. Whenever she has a new book, I’m first in line to read. And while some of her books have been misses for me, I generally love them all and consider her one of my favorite authors. But this book was… upsetting and kind of awful? A reader had messaged me telling me that it was darker and twistier than Verity (one of my all time favorite books, so I ordered it immediately. I thought the author’s note at the beginning was interesting. She never intended to publish it, it started as an experiment for fun (if you’ve read it, you will question that idea of fun!!!).  She ended up deciding to publish it, but under her initials and not her name. The author’s note also came with a strong content warning (graphic, sexual content, abuse, pretty much everything). I thought she was exaggerating but she wasn’t. So in a way, it feels really rude to trash this book as I was warned. But it is just purely upsetting and kind of just disgusting. Nearly 400 pages of abuse and graphic (also abusive) sex scenes. It’s trashy – but not in the good way. I would say to absolutely skip this book unless you are curious and can’t help yourself. (In which case I get it!!!). There are zero twists and turns, just twistedness. I love twists, I like some types of twisted, but this is the kind of twisted that I do not like. At all. It is my least favorite book in a very long time. Like I said, I still love her – just not this one!!! Order on or Amazon.