Too Good To Be True

I loved Carola Lovering’s last book, Tell Me Lies. It came out a few years ago and I still credit it as the book that made me stop dating guys that didn’t treat me well. Better than any self-help book, a cautionary tale! This is her newest and I was SO excited to read it. It’s a wild ride. I read it in a 24 hour period and had to take a nap afterward. The book alternates between the perspectives of Skye, Burke, and Heather. Skye is a rich, beautiful 29 year old who has battled with OCD since the death of her mother. She lives a glamorous life in Manhattan, working as a book editor, but her love life has always suffered. When she meets Burke, a handsome older man, they fall madly in love. Of course, all is not that it seems, Burke is actually happily married with a wife and three kids in Connecticut. The last perspective is Heather (Burke’s wife), but a young Heather – before Burke and her were married. The book is definitely very twisty. Some parts I saw coming, others, definitely not!!!! I don’t want to tell you too much (truly – the less you know going into a book like this, the better!) but I think there are some great conversations around wealth, forgiveness, and obsession. I highly recommend it! Order it on Bookshop or Amazon.

Author: Carola Lovering