Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

This is a beautiful, special book. It follows Sadie Green and Sam Masur (later, Mazer) from their childhood friendship (they meet in a hospital waiting room and begin playing video games together). Sadie’s sister is sick and Sam has been in a traumatic car accident. The book spans all the way through adulthood to their late thirties. The two are inseparable. Never lovers, often fighting, but always deeply loving and respecting each other as creative collaborators. Their friendship begins in LA and follows them to Boston where Sadie is a student at MIT. Together, (with a lot of hard work, cobbling together money and resources from their friends with Sadie even dropping out of school) they build what ends up being a wildly successful blockbuster game, Ichigo. The game is more popular than either of them could ever have imagined. The two become stars, rich… at just 25 years old. They move back to LA where they establish (alongside their third partner Marx Watanabe) their company, Unfair Games. Throughout, Sadie experiences a couple of bad heartbreaks. Sam has his fair share of health issues. They fight and find themselves not speaking to each other. This book is a story about friendship and a different sort of love. It will break your heart and put it back together several times as you read. I loved this book (and I know nothing about video games; truly – you do not have to like video games or know anything about them to enjoy this!)

Author: Gabrielle Zevin