Ties That Tether

This was so good! A romance, but it had been on every “most anticipated books of fall” list and I had seen that Ashley Spivey loved it too. Nigerian-born Azere promised her dying father when she was twelve that she’d marry a Nigerian man to preserve her culture and family traditions. Her mother is devoted to setting her up. At just 25 years old (lolz), the pressure is ON… her mother wants her to settle down and start giving her grandchildren. After a particularly bad date with a (sexist asshole) Nigerian man, Azere heads downstairs to the hotel bar to have a drink, and then winds up having a one night stand with sexy (Spanish, white) Rafael. She leaves early in the morning, knowing that despite their bond, nothing can ever really come of it. After one bombshell twist and then another, the two wind up reconnecting and realizing they have a really solid, beautiful connection. Still, Rafael is hiding something and Azere’s mother threatens to disown her. Always the good girl and people pleaser, Azere must decide for herself whether she can be with Rafael without losing herself and her culture. It’s the classic tale of choosing love vs. family: does she fight for Rafael or do what she’s always done: comply and please her mother?