This Time Next Year

British Chick-lit is not really my usual genre but every now and then I get a craving and will spend a whole weekend day curled up reading one. And that’s what I did with this book, (which I’d heard such good things about)! It lived up to all the hype – it’s very cute and perfect for fans of Josie Silver (while not a Christmas book, it definitely had those missed-connection but fated to be together One Day in December vibes to it). Minnie Cooper is convinced that her New Years’ birthday is unlucky, and it’s all Quinn Hamilton’s fault. You see, they share a birthday and on New Year’s Eve when she and Quinn were born, Quinn’s mother wins the hospital’s cash prize for being the first baby born in the new year – AND she stole her name (Minnie was supposed to be Quinn Cooper). Minnie is convinced that she’s just unlucky and has a bit of a permanent chip on her shoulder. Each year, her birthday is more and more of a disaster, leading up to 2019’s New Years Eve when she and Quinn meet in a chance encounter at his birthday party. They’re both seeing other people but spend 2019 bumping into each other, developing feelings and non-feelings. Minne’s business is struggling and life just always feels hard; whereas Quinn’s life just feels easy by comparison. Of course, things are not always as they seem. This is a cute and fun “will they or won’t they” sort of romcom; I really enjoyed it!

Author: Sophie Cousens