Things We Do In The Dark

Oh wow, I absolutely loved this. It took maybe 50 pages to get into but once I did, I couldn’t stop reading. One of those books where you resent work or plans or anything keeping you away from the book! Please note: there are trigger warnings for abuse (child abuse, sexual abuse). It opens up with Paris Peralta being accused of murdering her (much older, very wealthy) famous husband. She’s arrested in her own bathroom, covered in his blood, so we, the readers aren’t even sure whether she is innocent. But Paris has even bigger problems: her past is full of dark secrets and one woman (Ruby Reyes, who committed a similar crime) knows them all and is threatening to expose her. Paris has to prove her innocence and confront her past… in some sort of order. The book is so much more than a thriller. Without giving anything away it’s the story of perseverance, friendship, and so much more. It’s told in different segments. First, of course, there is Paris. We get to know her and also understand her relationship with her husband. Then, there is Ruby’s (now dead) daughter Joey – we learn her story. Lastly, there’s Joey’s best friend Drew (now a true crime podcaster). The stories come together beautifully, with lots of twists and turns. This book really kept me on my toes!

Author: Jennifer Hillier