They’ll Never Catch Us

This one *just* came out and I was really excited about it as I love the running angle – I ran track and cross-country in high school so could definitely relate to a lot of it. Set in a small town in the Catskills with a sordid past (Edgewater, known as Deadwater – thanks to a series of gruesome murders that targeted female runners ten years ago), the story is told by two sisters: Stella and Ellie Steckler. The school has one of the best cross-country teams and both sisters are incredible runners (and incredibly competitive) but could not be more different. Stella, a junior, is the team captain and openly gay. She also has a reputation for having a violent streak. Meanwhile Ellie is a sophomore, and secretly sleeping with her team-mate’s boyfriend with secrets of her own. When newcomer Mila joins the team, she winds up forming an unlikely friendship with both sisters. Stella finds herself unable to concentrate and finally understood by someone; Ellie accidentally confides her biggest secret to. One day, Mila goes missing. Did she run away? Is the serial killer from ten years ago back? Or did something else happen? The Steckler sisters find themselves suspected by everyone in the town. I enjoyed this so much… I read it in a day and could not put it down! Order on or Amazon.


Author: Jessica Goodman