The Writing Retreat

I liked but did not love this one. I found the main character messy and unlikeable, I didn’t love the mean girl friendship drama, and the book itself is more “horror” than “thriller,” and I tend to prefer thrillers over horror (except in film: LOVE a horror flick!). Still, I read it in 36 hours and liked it. It kept me entertained and was one of those books where you keep going as you have to know what happens. Alex’s life is a mess: she hates her job, her best friend and her had a major falling out (and she lost the rest of her friends), and she’s fresh off a drunken hookup with her one remaining male friend. Oops. When she is accepted into a prestigious writer’s retreat at her favorite author’s home, it feels like getting a do-over. A chance to make a name for herself as an author (and potentially secure a seven figure book deal!). It doesn’t matter that her former best friend is also attending the retreat. But when she arrives to the retreat, there are surprises. Intense writing goals each day. And each writer must finish an entire book within the 30 day retreat. Add to that mean girl antics from the former bestie, plus weird, supernatural things happening within the house. It goes deeply off the rails and again it is more of a horror plot than a thriller, so just be warned – it’s still a fun read!

Author: Julia Bartz