The Work

OK first of all, I loved this book SO much. Second, it’s kinda hard to get your hands on a copy. Bri Lee is an Australian author and it’s not available on Bookshop + took a little while to arrive on Amazon. This is a romance at its core but really so much more than that. Lally is an American gallery owner who has poured everything: her whole being, her life, a small inheritance – into her gallery. Pat is a scholarship boy who is barely able to pay his rent, trying to establish himself in Sydney’s antiques scene. When they meet at the Armory Show in New York, they have instant chemistry. The two find themselves flying across the ocean to see each other, while separately balancing money and ambition. All the while, they each are making terrible (but understandable?) career mistakes. The book is funny, beautifully written, vulnerable, steamy (in a high brow sort of steamy way which will make sense if you read it). I absolutely loved it and want more people to know about it!!! I loved every page and did not want it to end. Easily one of the best books of the year for me, hands down.