The Wives

This one came highly recommended by Andrea Dunlop (the author of We Came Here to Forget). And I was instantly intrigued by the polygamy angle (why am I like this!?). It goes EXTREMELY off the rails. In a very dark twisty way. There’s a twist mid-plot, and several other twists throughout the back half of the book. It’s hard to give you a proper synopsis without any spoilers so I’m going to have to be intentionally vague. Our main character, we’ll call her Thursday, is married to a man who happens to have two other wives. He sees one on Monday, one on Tuesday and her on Thursday. She’s desperate to keep his attention and be the star wife – though she knows nothing about the other wives. One day she finds a crumpled piece of paper in his pocket with an address, leading her to one of his other wives. Upon meeting Hannah (Monday), she realizes that he’s abusing her (he’s never been abusive to Thursday). And a mystery and giant unraveling takes place. I know my description is strange and vague but I promise I had to be this way to keep it from giving spoilers. I enjoyed this a lot but it definitely went off the rails. A fun and crazy thriller you’ll read in a day!

Author: Tarryn Fisher