The Wife Upstairs

Oh boy I LOVED THIS. Loved it. Read it in a day. This is a fantastic-ly twisty, very Gone Girl-esque thriller and I adored it. It’s actually a modern re-telling of Jane Eyre, which I didn’t even realize until after. But even if you’ve never read Jane Eyre (I actually have not), you’ll still enjoy it. Jane is new to Birmingham, with a dark past. We don’t know much, just that she has been in and out of foster care her whole life. Upon moving to Birmingham, she starts walking dogs in the ritzy community of Thornfield Estate. Think rich housewives decked in diamonds and giant mansions. When she meets rich, gorgeous, (recently widowed) Eddie he seems too good to be true. But is he? He lost his wife just six or so months ago in a boating accident. Eddie could be the solution to all of her problems… but will her past catch up with him? Or, is Eddie not as he seems? The two fall in love and things escalate quickly but of course with books like this, all is not perfect. This is suspenseful and fun and even though I did end up guessing the big twist I needed to know what happened and could not put it down! I absolutely loved it. If you are looking for a deliciously twisty thriller, read this!

Author: Rachel Hawkins