The Wedding Party

Jasmine Guillory’s books never disappoint. They’re light, fun, easy to read, and just the perfect vacation book. I devoured her other books (I loved The Wedding Date and was medium on The Proposal) and am just such a fan of everything she writes. I should also note that while the books are connected, you don’t need to have to have read the other books in the series. They all stand on their own perfectly. This one starts with a Hating Game type of plot… Maddie and Theo hate each other. She finds him to be nerdy at best, demeaning and condescending at worst. And he considers her to be the “bitchy hot girl.” But one night, they hook up. And slowly they start finding themselves more and more into each other; to the point where they’re each the first person they turn to in an emergency situation. The story follows all the typical romantic comedy plot lines (they hate each other, they fall for each other, things fall apart, things work out) but that doesn’t make it any less delicious to read.