The Third Wife

If you have been here for a little while, you know that I am a huge fan of Lisa Jewell’s books. She is my favorite: dark, twisty thrillers that you can’t put down! I thought it would be fun to read her back catalog. This one is from 2015 and reads much more like a Liane Moriarty (who I also love) book vs. typical Jewell. It was even a little bit heartwarming? I think I am going to enjoy reading her older books to see what her author journey has been like. In this book, we meet Adrian Wolfe. He has everything: two ex wives, five children, a new wife… and: everyone seemingly getting along, one big happy family. One night, the new wife (Maya) goes out, getting uncharacteristically drunk. And then dying: walking in front of a bus. Adrian grieves his wife. When he stumbles across some shocking emails, he realizes he might not have had the full picture. What happened to Maya? And was his seemingly perfect, big happy family really all that perfect? Cracks emerge and he searches to figure out the truth about his wife and what really happened. I overall enjoyed it!