The Third Door

Oh my goodness, this book. It was a great re-entry into nonfiction as I was so taken with it that I just couldn’t put it down and wound up reading it in just a few days. It’s so many things. First, it’s a coming of age story (the author was 19 when he started writing the book: the night before finals, he hacked The Price is Right, won, and used the money to fund his dream). So that in itself was pretty interesting. He made it his mission to interview the world’s most successful people and learn from them. In doing this, he noticed a theme that he referred to as The Third Door. The idea is that life and business are like a nightclub. Some people wait in line and never get in. Others (billionaires, mostly) walk right in. But what about a third door – being scrappy and creative and figuring out your own way in? Throughout the book he talks to some of the most inspiring people – everyone from Bill Gates to Lady Gaga. I could not put it down. I loved the plot (his friendship with Elliott Bisnow, founder of Summit, was wonderful). I found myself laughing, crying, and also taking notes. I cannot recommend it enough! Order on or Amazon!