The Therapist

I am so sorry for reviewing a book that is not coming out until July but I am incapable of having a B.A. Paris book in my general vicinity and not dropping everything to read it!!!! You may remember B.A. Paris as the author of Behind Closed Doors which is one of my all time favorite terrifying read-in-a-day thrillers. This one (set in London) is about a couple – Leo and Alice, who move into a beautiful new home in a gated community known as The Circle. The only drawback? A horrible murder took place in the bedroom just a year ago. As Alice becomes more and more obsessed with solving the murder (the husband was charged and committed suicide), she alienates herself from Leo and her new neighbors… stopping at nothing to figure out who did it. This one is unputdownable. It’s not as good as Behind Closed Doors but I loved it, and would definitely recommend pre-ordering it so that you have a fun (very scary!!) treat to look forward to this summer! Order it on Bookshop or Amazon.

Author: B.A. Paris