The St. Ambrose School For Girls

Oh my. This one was pitched to me as Heathers meet We Were Liars, and that is pretty spot on. Right off the bat, a massive TW for mental health (especially bipolar disorder and suicidal thoughts). If those things are going to bother you, I’d avoid this book. Sarah Taylor is a smart, complicated loner, struggling with bipolar disorder. She spent the summer hospitalized and is now starting her first semester at an elite boarding school in Massachusetts. From her first day at school, beautiful, popular Queen Bee Greta Stanhope makes her her mark. The pranks start small and get bigger. Luckily, Greta has support. There is her roommate Ellen “Strots” Strotsberry, and her handsome RA Nick Hollis. But when a scandal unfolds, and someone ends up dead, things begin to unravel. I struggled for the first 150 pages. Sarah’s character is really struggling and I found a lot of it really upsetting (we are taken through manic depressive episodes, a suicide attempt, etc.) It’s very raw and vulnerable but hard. to read. After that, the book veers more juicy and dark (and for me) became more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this, just know that it’s dark!

Author: Jessica Ward