The Social Climber

TW: disordered eating. Okay, I absolutely LOVED this book. It has such a nice twist, plus all of my favorite things: rich people drama, a cut-throat social climber, AND a religious cult. It started out a little rocky for me (I had a hard time with the writing at first, I am not sure why!) but once I got into a groove, I could not put it down. I woke up early one morning just to finish it; I had to get to the ending! Meet Eliza Bennett. She’s working for a New York PR firm, has a killer bod (that she kills herself to maintain), an enviable designer wardrobe, and an even more enviable fiancĂ©: Graham Walker, a blue blood from Vermont. As the days count down to her wedding, secrets from Eliza’s past begin to come out. Secrets that she doesn’t want anyone to know. Alternating between her college days (where she wasn’t the glamorous woman she is today, attending an evangelical Christian college) and present day in New York, it’s unputdownable. I really enjoyed this one, gobbling it up in a mere 24 hours.

Author: Amanda Pellegrino