The Sicilian Inheritance

This book is pure escapist candy (and also, quite scary at times!). If you love a thriller and/or historical fiction, and you wish you were spending your summer in Italy… this book is for you. It’s a page turner but also, you really feel like you are in Italy. I devoured it and then passed it on to my mother as this is our kind of book. Sara Marsala is flailing. Her business has collapsed, same with her marriage. She is depressed, regretful, and everything is a struggle. On top of all that, her beloved great-aunt Rosie passes away. Aunt Rosie, it seems, had other plans for Sara. She leaves her a plane ticket to Sicily and a deed to a potentially valuable plot of land. Sara takes off for Sicily, and a wild adventure ensues. First of all, it turns out that her great grandmother (who had become a martyr in family lore) may have actually been murdered. Second, everyone wants a piece of her family’s land. Sara finds herself all over the Italian country racing to figure out what happened to her great grandmother, and fighting to protect what should be hers. Meanwhile, in dual timelines we get to know Serafina (the great grandmother) growing up in the early 1900s and fighting for a better life for herself + the women in her village.