The Secret Book of Flora Lea

I did not want this book to end! It came highly recommended by my mother (my number one for book recs!); her whole face lit up as she was like, “This is REALLY good.” I knew I had to prioritize it and wound up really loving it. It has a dual timeline; 1940 during WWII where two little girls (15 year old Hazel and her 6 year old sister Flora) are sent from London to the English countryside for safety and 1960 where Hazel is 35 years old and working at a rare bookstore when something rather magical happens. Back in 1940, Flora had wandered off and was presumed dead or drowned. But Hazel and her mother always wondered if she could still be alive. Now, twenty years later, it’s Hazel’s last day at the rare bookstore when a rare manuscript turns up. The story is undeniably the fairytale that Hazel had made up to help calm Flora when she was upset. A story that only the two of them knew. Is Flora still alive? Did she write the book? Hazel impulsively steals the book and a rather magical search transpires. The search also involves Hazel’s old love Harry (complicating things, as Hazel’s boyfriend is seemingly perfect and they are about to get engaged.) I loved this. I couldn’t put it down and it was so magically written. An absolute must-read if you ask me!

Author: Patti Callahan Henry