The Rachel Incident

I really loved this one too. Not as much as Homebodies but still very good! I think this one is perfect for fans of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow or even A Very Nice Girl (but I liked it so much more than A Very Nice Girl!). We have a young and messy protagonist but we also see her as a functioning adult (and she manages to be endearing vs. annoying!). Rachel has fallen in love with her professor, Dr. Byrne. Dr. Byrne is married, with a glamorous wife. It’s a harmless crush, really. Rachel and her best friend James decide to throw him a launch party at the bookstore they work at. James is helping her to seduce him. Things do not go as planned and on the night of the party, something happens that alters their lives forever (and entwines Rachel, James, Dr. Byrne, and Deenie). I don’t want to give anything away but this is funny and dramatic and a really excellent “friendmance,” which you know I firmly believe we need more of! Chaotic but in a good way and I absolutely LOVED the last few chapters.