The Push

First of all, you must read this book. It’s my favorite thriller of the month and came so highly recommended by so many of you. But there are some trigger warnings. I would say to avoid if you’re suffering from post-partum anxiety or depression, or will be triggered by anything relating to bad parenting (physical, emotional abuse). But whoa. This is the kind of book you just think about for days afterward. Written from the narrator’s perspective to her now ex-husband (not a spoiler, you know he’s with his new wife from the first page), it’s a woman’s unraveling as motherhood ends up not being what she imagined. She doesn’t bond with her daughter Violet and she is certain that something is just off with Violet and her husband is dismissive of her fears. When she gives birth to a second child, a baby boy (Sam), it’s everything she imagined… the bonding, the deep love, etc. Then, an unthinkable tragedy happens. Blythe is forced to confront the truth but no one around her believes her. This book is unputdownable. It’s not a “scary” thriller but it keeps you engaged from the first page until the very last. I still can’t stop thinking about it!!! Favorite book of the month, I think! Order it on Amazon or