The Personal Assistant

Was this well written? Not particularly. Off the rails? Definitely. Thoroughly enjoyable and something you’ll read in a day? YES. You know that I cannot resist any thriller surrounding influencer culture so when one of my influencer friend group texts recommended this, I of course ordered it on the spot. It is a wild ride, that’s for sure. Alex, aka @unapologeticallyalex is a mommy blogger with over a million followers. She’s the mom to two twelve year old girls, married to her dream man, and living in a beautiful neighborhood in Atlanta. She relies on her personal assistant for just about everything from posting on her behalf to replying to followers. When Alex makes a big drunken mistake and finds herself cancelled, her world spirals out of control and AC is not picking up the phone. Turns out, AC is probably not who she thought she was. And when Alex is doxxed by her ex-fans and a woman winds up dead in her house, events spiral out of control. This is a fun, fast thriller. There are loads of plot holes and the writing is medium at best but I enjoyed it all the same.

Author: Kimberly Belle