The Perfect Marriage

This is… just not a good book. The plot is entertaining enough (I read it in a day!) but I’d say you can skip this one. The writing awful. The writing was so awful that I thought maybe it was a plot device, but it wasn’t. Also, the ending went totally off the rails for me. There were so many plot holes… I just… felt really annoyed at the end. Skip this. The book alternates perspectives between husband and wife, Adam and Sarah Morgan. Sarah is a powerful defense attorney, absolutely killing it with her career (but less so in her marriage as she is always at the office). She’s the best int he business. Adam is a struggling writer, tired of Sarah’s long hours, yearning to start a family. But Adam has a secret, his mistress Kelly. One morning, Kelly is found dead (in the bed at Adam and Sarah’s lake house). And all signs point to Adam as the killer. Sarah agrees to be her husband’s lawyer and get him out of this mess. As Sarah puts aside the hurt and goes into lawyer mode, secrets come out from all sides. If you are bored and on an airplane and this is all there is to read, go for it. Otherwise, there are just too many great thrillers out there!

Author: Jeneva Rose