The Paris Apartment

This book sat in my TBR pile for wayyyyy too long. I’m glad I finally picked it up and read it! Based on my DMs, this was a polarizing one. People either really loved it or just… hated it? I was of the camp of really loving it! I thought it was twisty and well written, and the plot felt really creative and fresh to me! I don’t want to tell you too much about it for fear of giving things away so I am going to keep the plot summary light. A young woman (Jess) is in need of a fresh start. She flees to Paris to crash with her half brother Ben for a bit, only to find that maybe he’s got some secrets of his own. First of all, the apartment building he’s been living in is stunning and huge: how could Ben possibly have afforded this on his journalist salary!? Second, he seems to have gone missing. He’s nowhere to be found and has left his wallet, keys, and Vespa behind. Third, his neighbors are… interesting… and want absolutely nothing to do with Jess. As she digs into his disappearance and tries to figure out what has happened to him, secrets about the building and its residents begin to unwind. I won’t tell you any more, but this book is a wild ride. I really enjoyed it and definitely did not see where it was going.

Author: Lucy Foley