The Paradise Problem

This is a fun one, perfect if you need something escapist. It was described to me as Succession meets Pretty Woman, so I was immediately intrigued. Anna Green has a heart of gold but she is a bit messy. She’s a starving artist with pink hair, just let go from her job as a grocery cashier. During her time at UCLA, she had married Liam “West” Weston so that she could live in inexpensive family housing. She had thought she was divorced. Turns out, she didn’t read the papers and she is actually still very much married to Liam. She also has no idea that Liam is actually one of the heirs to the Weston Foods conglomerate (though Liam has no interest in working for the family business). Meanwhile, Liam has a big family wedding happening on a private island in Singapore. His family thinks he is still married, and his inheritance depends on him staying happily married. His family has insisted that Anna attend, meaning that Liam must wrangle Anna (conveniently unemployed) and beg her to join him at this wedding. Ten days in paradise, what could go wrong? You know that I don’t read a lot of romance but I loved this one. Christina Lauren never disappoints! It isn’t out until May but is completely worth the pre-order.